“I definitely think everybody should have a Lightning Bug™ in their camera bag. I know I don't ever want to go on a trip without one.”

Bill Lea - Nature Photographer and Photography Educator

“Good things come to photographers who are prepared and that's never more true than with lightning photography. With the Lightning Bug™ I'm ready for that one, elusive, awe-inspiring strike whether by night or by day. I wouldn't leave home without it.”

Lori Kincaid - Nature photographer

“The Lightning Bug™ is an indispensable tool for the landscape photographer wishing to incorporate spectacular lightning into their images adding a huge amount of drama. Set-up is very easy and the learning curve is short allowing somebody new to photographing this meteorological phenomenon to get great pictures very quickly. Always exercise extreme caution when photographing during a lightning storm.”

E.J. Peiker - Nature photographer

“'s simple, it really works, and it's your best bet of capturing spectacular lightning! They also have great support, which you will seldom need, well thought out product!”

Bill Fortney - Nature photographer